• KMR-440U

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Marine MP3/WMA/AAC/CD/USB-Receiver with iPod control

  • USB terminal
  • Variable color illumination
  • Illumination Effect
  • Velg språk for menytekster
  • System Q_EX (Preset & Manual Sound Control)
  • System E''s+ (Built-in HPF & LPF)
  • Radiotekst pluss (Radio Text Plus)
  • Programtypefunksjon (PTY)


Water resistant unit
2 Line, full DOT FL display
Variable key illumination
Multi-language menu text & tag support
Illuminated USB & AUX front input
iPod/iPhone direct control with optional cable KCA-iP101
Bluetooth handsfree & audio profile with optional unit KCA-BT300
wired remote controller (KCA-RC107MR) can be connected