• KFC-X694

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6" x 9" Oval 2-way Speaker System

Coaxial speakers designed for eXcellence deliver solid performance, superior linearity and great bass response. Upgrade to X speakers and experience the perfect balance of performance and control.


2-way 2-speaker System
6" x 9" polypropylen cone
25mm Soft Dome Tweeter
300W Peak Input Power

Speaker Features

Speaker System2-way 2-speaker
Speaker TypeCoaxial
Peak Input Power300W
Rated Input Power130W
Speaker Size153 x 229mm
Speaker Cone DesignInjection P.P.Cone
Magnet TypeFerrit
TerminalsSlide type
Installation CapabillityDoor/Rear Deck

Speaker/woofer Specifications

Peak Input Power300W
Maximum Input Power130W
RMS power (CEA spec)55 W
Woofer Cone materialInjection P.P. Cone
Speaker BasketSteel
Speaker SurroundRubber
Frequency Response51Hz ~ 21000Hz
Speaker Impedance3Ω
Dimensions with Grill (WxHxD)266,4 x 193,4 x 113,5mm
Dimensions w/o Grill (WxHxD)236,4 x 164 x 104,5mm
Mounting Depth85mm
Mouting Hole Diameter218mm x 149mm
Tweeter Height19mm
Speaker Weight with Grille (pc.)1064gr
Speaker Weight w/o Grille (pc.)976gr
Gross Weight2600gr
Weight of Magnet330gr

Tweeter Specifications

Cone Size25mm
Cone MaterialSoft dome
Magnet TypeNeodymium


Screws (Parker-type)Ø 4 x 40mm, 8 pieces
Screws (M-type)M4 x 70mm, 8 pieces
WasherØ 4, 8 pieces
WasherØ 4, 8 pieces
Speed nutφ 4, 8 pieces
Adhesive Tape80 mm
Grille assembly includedJa
Grill holder2 stk.
Speaker cable0,3m